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Red and "Kraft Paper" Brown Dinner Party

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I recently hosted a dinner party at my house for 30 guests. The color palette was red and "Kraft Paper" brown. I was inspired from my own post back in March titled Planning the Perfect Dinner Party. I wanted to incorporate burlap table runners, candles, and red roses.

These were my Inspiration Pictures from Planning the Perfect Dinner Party.

My Party pics

For each persons place setting I first used a Kraft Paper envelope. Then I printed out each persons name on a self adhesive red round label. After the label was printed I used a vintage inspired cutlery stamp to finish it off. The silverware was tucked inside the envelope which was then wrapped in a red and white patterned napkin {tied with a bow of course}. The menu was placed behind the envelope and held together with a red and white twine bow.

I also used a vintage inspired "Bon Appetit" stamp for my menus. Again, never missing an opportunity for a bow :)

Party favors were homemade chocolate chip cookies. Cookies were placed in Brown Kraft paper boxes, wrapped with a red and white twine bow and a tag to tie everything together.

"Home Baked Love" tag to give people a hint as to whats inside.


Soup and Salad

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Fresh fruit Platter
French Pastries {Bakery bought}
Tea and Coffee

{Eric Shemtov Photography}


Anonymous said...

AMAZING! Where can one buy the silver vases you used for your roses?

Pretty Domestic said...

I am so pleased you liked it! I purchsed the silver vases at {Floral Supply Syndicate}. They were $15 each. xo

Bebe said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Thalia said...

Where did you get the little brown cookie boxes?
I am planning a bridal shower for my best friend, you are inspiring
me with your pics. Lovely! :)

Pretty Domestic said...

Thalia- So glad I can inspire you with my pics. I bought the Kraft paper boxes at Moscatels in Los Angeles. However, You can try Michaels Craft Store. If you need any unique ideas for your shower I offer Event Decor Inspiration Boards and event coordinating. xo

Julian Ribinik said...

Hey, Justine, AMAZING work, I would love to be part of your event one day!

And by the way, thank you so much for such a warm comment to my work on Merci blog, I am flattered! And also now I have a new great blog to follow.

Julian (

brokenresolutions said...

How much time does it take you to pull off everything? I would love to attempt to do something like that one day but time is my enemy and that looks like it took forever! Beautiful though!

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Wow, this is gorgeous! You have an amazing attention to detail and beautiful style.

Pretty Domestic said...

Thank you all for your kind words. I really appreciate the feedback. The party took about a day and half to pull together. I was in San Diego working on a wedding on Sunday and this event was on a Tuesday. If you need any coordinating services please let me know. xo Justine

Julian Ribinik said...

I'll be on Memorial day vacation in LA, would love to photograph something for you :)

Eric Shemtov said...

Great looking blog Justin. I'm glad the pics servicing you well.

Unknown said...

I fell in deep love...

Lili said...

this table is gorgeous! love the simple classic details!

Pints and Tunes said...

I LOVE this!!! I am planning a red rose and burlap theme for my wedding and just saw your gorgeous pictures. Very inspiring - thank you so much ;0)

Ana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ana said...

beautiful work!! will definfitely keep Pretty Domestic in mind for any upcoming events! thank you

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