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Valentine's Day Package

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Everyone loves to get an unsolicited package in the mail. I decided to send my two teenage cousins (one lives in NY, the other a Freshman at Vassar) and sister-in-law, a student at CAL Berkeley a Valentine.Valentines day packages don't have to be expensive. Let me show you how I did mine for under $30!

Target $1 bins are my favorite place to get goodies. I bought the two pack fuzzy socks,  pencils, sees chocolates, tissue packs, and Chinese take out containers all from the $1 bin!

Wedding Crashers DVD was only $5!! The stationary I found was absolutely adorable and so affordable. It came with 16 cards and envelopes, all for only $5.99. I divided them up for each package (5 each) and tied a ribbon around them. The PJ bottoms were a steal at $7.99.
I filled the Chinese takeout containers with Hershey kisses, Reese's hearts, dove chocolate hearts and these gorgeous cookies from cookiemamas.

I then filled the boxes with tissue paper and finished them off with a Valentine's decal.

 Ready to ship!

Toile elements for your party

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If anyone knows me, they know I love toile. However, toile can be pretty overwhelming if it isnt done right. Here is a look at some toile elements you can use in your home, at your wedding, shower, tea party or luncheon. I think its a sweet way to put a feminine touch on your event.

Toile tablecloths with hydrangea centerpieces, cream napkins and natural color chivaris.

These serve double duty as table numbers. You can by self adhesive numbers online or at any craft store. White buckets can be purchased at any craft store, nursery, or home improvement store.

Want a little fancier? Beautiful brown urn with white roses, hydrangras and hanging amaranthus.

This is a cute choice for a twist on the traditional ring bearere pillow. If you want to incorporate toile why not let your ring bearer carry this loveley toile pillow from 5eizen.

I love lounge furniture at a wedding. Play it up by renting or purchasing a french inspired sofa (look at flea markets or craigslist) throw on some toile pillows for a punch.