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"Keep Calm and Hunt on" Bunny Party

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I was excited to create a dessert table for a corporate "Spring" egg hunt party. The theme was "Keep Calm and Hunt on." Pattern and colors were inspired by Jonathon Adler. I incorporated a pink and white stripe fabric backdrop as well as a framed custom poster to tie everything together. The frame was picked up at a local thrift store that I sprayed a high glossy white. If you would like me to create a themed table for your next event please contact me! These are great for childrens Birthday Parties or showers.

 Fondant cake topper with pink and green fondant carrots.

Custom Sugar cookies

Homemade vanilla cupcakes topped with mod bunny fondant toppers.

Red Velvet Bunny Cake Pops

Vintage milkglass pedestal 

Beverage center with "Guess How many Peeps" contest.

Caged Peeps

Breakfast for Hungry Bunnies. Chinese takeout containers with teal and white twine.

Paper straws with custom straw flags "Spring Fever"

Water for thirsty Bunnies

Juice for Thirsty Bunnies

Please contact me if you would like help with your next event!

{Eric Shemtov Photography}


paula said...

i read you post in DID about your blog being lonely. sometimes i think its useless to do it, but its always good to be out there! i think your blog is amazing (good quality pictures and content)
a tip: always follow back and read and leave comments in other blogs! it works! off to read more!

Dani S. Fitness & Yoga said...

J!!!! These pics are incredible! You are soooo.... talented!

Madeline said...

Wow this is adorable! I'm so impressed. I love the water bottles and "breakfast for bunnies." Wonderful colors as well.


Unknown said...

SO super cute!

Atutudes - Kristal said...

This is absolutely ADORABLE!

Elizabeth said...

I love the "guess how many peeps" contest!

Pretty Domestic said...

So glad you enjoyed these pics. Hopefully you found them helpful when creating your next party!

Melanie Schwaesdall said...

New follower! Fantastic website!

My blog:

My website:

Unknown said...

Hi, found you on DID! Love the cake and the bunny topper! Adorable!!!

Lili said...

sooo adorable!

brokenresolutions said...

once again, love your work!! You wouldn't want to come down to Alabama and help me plan a Toy Story or fun birthday party for a soon to be 2 year-old would you?? :)

Pretty Domestic said...

hehe I would love to plan a Bday party for your little boy! Never been to Alabama but maybe its time to plan a trip :)

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