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Planning the Perfect Dinner Party

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{I am domestic and Proud!}

Is it me or have people in their 20’s and 30’s stopped entertaining in their homes? I am hoping to put an end to that nonsense and to start getting people excited to entertain in their homes again. Whatever happened to laying down a crisp white tablecloth, taking out your best china, and displaying a beautiful floral arrangement?
For me, entertaining guests was something my parents did on a regular basis. I grew up polishing my mom’s silver and laying the table with her finest flatware and crystal. Now that I have my own home with my husband, entertaining guests has naturally become a very big part of what my husband and I do on a regular basis.
Let me be the one to inspire YOU to take some time and plan the perfect dinner party. Its not as hard as it may look or sound. It takes a little bit of thought and some planning.  I promise ill make it simple for you.
Setting the Table  {You can modify this to suit your dinners needs}

Personally I think white is beautiful and classic. Its also the easiest to keep clean {Bleach ladies!}

Burlap is also a beautiful choice. A burlap table runner is rustic and elegant. Place this on top of a white tablecloth and your in business! You can purchase burlap tablecloths and runners at shawnees shop.

Floral Arrangements
Go to your local grocery store, flower shop, farmers market, or your backyard! Arrange in one large vase at the center of the table  (remove when dinner is served for easy conversation) or  group small vases together to create a long row of flowers.


If you are going to go with low floral centerpieces give your table dimension by adding a candelabra. Not only will it look beautiful it will create a very romantic feel. I can gurantee you will find one at your local thrift store, eastate sale or flea market for much less!

Whats for Dinner?  {My go-to menu}
Before Dinner Drinks and Apps
Tip *Always welcome your guest with a beverage. Whether it’s a glass of wine, a signature cocktail or sparkling water. This will make your guests feel more comfortable.

Pre-dinner Conversation Food {Finger “snackey” foods placed strategically in the “conversation” areas of the house are a must.}

Dinner Time!
Curried Butternut squash soup  {recipe}

Spinach and baby mixed green Salad 
1. Mixed Baby Greens
2. Spinach
3. Candied walnuts
4. Dried Cranberries
5. Green apples thinly sliced
6. Light vinagerette

Ina Gartens perfect roast chicken with roasted veggies {recipe}

Rice Pilaf {recipe}

Beattys Chocolate Cake {recipe}

*Platter and Serveware Tips
White platters are my personal favorite for presenting your food.
Stainless Steel serveware by Carrol Boyes. Carrol is a South African artist who has turned her talent into an empire. I have about 30 pieces from her collection. They are stunning, truly art. My sister just bought me these mermaid salad servers. Arent they great!!

Have Fun and Good Luck!


daily mix LA said...

love the ribbon idea!!

Dani S. Fitness & Yoga said...

J!!! I love these inspiration ideas! Thank you so much for posting the table setting template, SO helpful! Loving the food and the recipes and being reminded of all your amazing meals and dinner parties! You are the best!

Katie said...

OH MY GOSH!! Just came across your blog and am in love. I really like this post and even printed it out. I needed the guide on how to set a table the proper way and love the one you put up. It's hard to host a dinner party with a 22month old underfoot, and we usually end up grilling out so kids can play outdoors, but my mom growing up would always have dinner parties. I can't wait to give it a try myself down the road.

Pretty Domestic said...

Katie! I am so glad you like my blog and find it helpful. Planning a dinner party is a lot of work but can be so much fun. Make sure to follow my blog there will be plenty more useful tips for you :) Thanks for stoppping by. xo Justine

Unknown said...

so impressed with this blog - amazing!

Unknown said...

the roast chicken recipe looks delicious - will try it this week

Unknown said...

I like that you are posting recipe ideas...more please!

Pretty Domestic said...

Bebe-I am redesigning my blog and am going to have an entire page just of recipes!! Let me know if you tried any of them. They are faultless xo

Unknown said...

Brilliant post! These party planning ideas and inspirations are truly amazing. I too would be attending the anniversary party at the vintage themed Chicago event space. It will be a golden anniversary of my friend’s parents.

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